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About Magic Voxels

A Super-Friendly Survival Economy Server For Java And Bedrock!

Our server is owned, maintained and played on daily, by a real-life professional lead java developer with over 20 years of commercial coding experience. This means that apart from the core plugins (permissions, essentials, etc.) our plugins are custom made and tastefully complement the vanilla game without being too overpowering.

Over the years we have always provided a very challenging and enjoyable experience for our players and you will find it simple to get started as you can pretty much ignore the fancy sprinkles until you're settled in! (all the usual commands you're familiar with like rtp, sethome, tp will work.)

We look for quality players over quantity, we never ask anyone to donate any money, we do this out of love for the game and to try to provide an antidote to the massive commercialised servers and offer you something we hope you'll agree is better and slightly different!

Our server is always on hard difficulty, (creepers can't blow up your buildings though!) there is a PVP arena but it's mostly PVE here. Our maps last a long time and we only usually reset at major updates and you'll find that the gameplay is semi-vanilla survival economy - Our plugins compliment this and it is up to you whether you play the vanilla game or rank up. We also have a few of the vanilla tweaks datapacks installed to allow you to collect mob heads and see your co-ordinates etc.

Our wonderful community has lasted over 10 years and spanned 4 different servers over that time - It was initially set up to provide a safe place for the owner to play minecraft with his children and their friends and has been here ever since. Stay a while and you'll make some life-long friends from all around the world.

Bedrock & Java Edition Players Join Using The Same IP:


Complete 16
Resource Gaterhing Challenges!
Earn $500,000
In Game From Advancements!
Java Edition
Compatible With Java!
Bedrock Edition
Compatible With Bedrock!

Minecraft Server Rules

Playing On Our Server Means You Agree To Follow Our Common-Sense Rules

We always try to stay out of your way and let you enjoy the game but you should know that we can and do monitor all world changes, activity, chat and server logs - Even if the server looks empty, please don't say or do anything on our server that you would not want someone else to see. Rulebreakers are almost always caught and are usually permanently banned.

Chat Rules:

Gameplay Rules:

Farm Rules:

* Permission means: Written permission by email from the owner of this server.

Above all, be kind to each other - Quality players are always highly valued and appreciated here, toxic behaviour is never tollerated.

Lastly, our server has an adult player base. If you are under the age of 16 or you are a parent looking for a safe server for your child, we take absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for the supervision of children on our server. This is the responsibility of a parent or guardian - If you are under the age of 16 then you must first obtain the permission of your parent / guardian to play on our server.

If you are under the age of 16 and have this permission, then you are welcome here - We respectfully ask that if you need to contact us on the discord or via the form on this website, please ask your parent/guardian to do so on your behalf.

We like to think that we have a safe community but it is a public server and it is impossible for us to know the true intentions of everyone who joins. If we spot any suspicious or potentially illegal behaviour from any member of this community, we will have no hesitation in passing their details onto law enforcement authorities. If you are up to no good, you are not welcome here.

Ranks To Achieve!
Types Of Elemental Scroll!
Of Collectable Mob Heads!
Your Own Custom Warp!

Vote For Magic Voxels!

Please Support Our Server And We'll Reward You!

We do not ask for any money to support the server, this means we don't have an advertising budget to recruit youtubers or pay the server list sites for a premium position. All we have is you! If you play on our server and appreciate the work that goes into it then please take a moment to vote for us using the links below.

Make sure that you are logged into the server when you vote and you will get keys for every vote which can be exchanged for prizes at /warp keys! You can get this list of voting sites in game by using the /vote command.

As well as vote keys, you get a guaranteed $350 in game per vote if you're logged in while voting. Vote every day to build up a vote streak and earn even more keys and better prizes!

Voting Sites:

Always Be Logged In While Voting To Get Your Rewards!

Server Videos & Lets Plays:

We'd love to see your lets plays and other server videos - There is a one-off reward of $50000 in game for any player who creates a youtube video to promote the server as long as these criteria are met:

Elemental Scrolls Plugin!
Unique Parkour Plugin!
Create A Public Residence!
Resource Gathering Challenges!

Hints, Tips & Advice

We Have A Few Enhancements You Should Know About

Here are some tips, tricks and extra commands which will help you get the most out of the server. Our theme is elemental scrolls, there are four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Ice) and you can obtain scrolls by completing resource gathering challenges of varying difficulty levels.

Some challenges will only become available to you as you progress through the ranks, the scrolls will allow you to rank up and obtain special tools, armour and weapons.

We also run the very popular chestshop plugin and we've created a plugin to let each player have their own personal warp which gets advertised in the chat so you can easily make a store to sell items.

Extra Commands:

Useful Warps:

Extra Hints:


We are known for having a unique and excellent parkour plugin! If you want to play parkour you will need to get at least the first rank and the money for that can be achieved in a few minutes just by voting! You can earn more in game money by completing parkour courses and also go up against our experts as we store your personal bests and course records!
We have a large selection of courses ranging from beginner friendly to pro level.

Report Them Here!
Apply Here!
Report It Here!
Use Our Form Below!

Contact Us!

Want To Be Staff? Read This First:

Before applying to be staff, we will not consider any applications from people below the age of 18. We will only consider applications from people who have played on the server regularly for at least 3 months, you should have an impeccable voting record, be prepared to put this server first, have no serious violations of the rules and be a friendly and welcoming member of the community.

If you are successful, this is a commitment and you'll be expected to be a very active player, be contactable via discord and maintain your excellent voting record, we do not want people who disappear after a few weeks. Please do not apply if you can't meet these requirements.

Want To Appeal A Ban? Read This First:

If you have been banned and want to appeal, we will take the view that anything that happened on your account is your responsibility so the defence of "someone else did it on my account" will not work. Bans are awarded for serious rule breaking and therefore only reversed if we have made a mistake, we do not do second chances so don't break the rules!

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