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About Magic Voxels

A Fantastic Minecraft Survival Server!

Our server is a unique place where you can play just like a regular vanilla survival server or you can complete challenges to gather magical elemental scrolls. These scrolls give you special abilities and allow you to rank up and obtain special items. Our gameplay is carefully balanced and always challenging no matter which style of gameplay you choose.

Run by Minecrafters for Minecrafters!

Anthony Nicholls owner of WCC


Our community is welcoming, helpful, great fun and you will feel at home really quickly. Many of our players have been here for years, we all love the game, there is no pay to win here and everyone from the owners to the players comes here for the love of the game.


To be a member of staff at Magic Voxels you need to do things for the right reasons. We do our utmost to choose the most helpful and fair players to be staff members so you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

Custom Plugins

One of the owners of Magic Voxels is a Java Developer for his day job. This means Magic Voxels gets unique plugins and we can make your ideas real. Our server may not be huge but our plugins are fun!

Survival Economy
Survive, Thrive and Get Rich!
Land Claims
With Grief Prevention Plugin
Great Players
No Griefing or Stealing, Always Friendly!
Custom Plugins
We Are Always Adding Cool New Features!
Live To Craft, Craft To Live!

Custom Elemental Items

Complete special item gathering quests, complete parkour courses, battle hostile mobs in our dungeons and find secret areas - You will be rewarded with magical scrolls for this which you can exchange for ranks or special items!
Or you can keep the scrolls and use them to do magical things - Check the server broadcasts for hints and tips about abilities they give you!

Here is a selection of some of the special unbreakable elemental items you can get with magical scrolls! These are not the only elemental items, the others are for you to discover!

God Helmet - Ice Element
God Chestplate - Fire Element
God Leggings - Wind Element
God Boots - Earth Element
God Axe - Ice Element
God Sword - Fire Element
God Pick - Wind Element
God Shovel - Earth Element


Server Rules

Here are the rules we expect you to follow when you play on our server, not everything can be covered here but please use your common sense, stick to these rules and be considerate to others.
We don't like to ban or mute people but troublemakers are not welcome and are never tolerated at MagicVoxels.

Please do /rules 2 in game, by playing on our server we assume you agree to follow the rules above and the disclaimer on that page.

Vote For Magic Voxels!

Use /vote while logged in to the server game or click on the links below and vote to earn in-game money. Please vote if you can, our server needs to keep finding new players to survive and this is our best way of finding them!

Vote At Planet Minecraft Vote At Minecraft Server List Vote At Top-G Vote At Minecraft-MP

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